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Writing - Performing
Actor, Writer, Storyteller
Writing/Performing Joe, The Great American History Theatre,        Directed by Richard Thompson. Based on the life of Joe      Selvaggio, founder of Project for Pride in Living.  Family Values, The Park Square Theater,      Directed by Richard Cook. Based upon Jim's trip to Belfast,      Northern Ireland and his experiences living with a Republican      family.   Three Rivers Meeting, The Great American History Theatre,      Directed by Ron Peluso. Based on Jim's experiences with the      Prairie Island Native American people he knew, mixed with      his cowboy upbringing.   Cuba Si, The Great American History Theater,      Directed by Ron Peluso. Based upon a trip to Cuba to deliver      humanitarian aid and Jim's meeting with Castro.   Rio Bravo-Rio Grande, Jungle Theatre,       Directed by Paul Draper. Based upon growing up in south Texas on the Mexican       border in the 1950s and early 60s.   Tribes, The Cricket Theater,       Directed by Bill Partlan. Based upon Jim's experience living two tribes in the       Amazon rainforest.       Talking Pictures, Brass Tacks Theater,       Also toured in five states, and filmed live for broadcast by KTCA-TV. Directed by       Patty Lynch. Based upon Jim's experiences living and traveling in Nicaragua.   Traveling Light, Brass Tacks Theater,       Directed by Patty Lynch. Filmed by New Front Films in 1988, shown at Sundance       Film Festival, 1989. Based upon travels around Americas in the 60s and 70s. This is a partial list