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Actor, Writer, Storyteller
Not To Be Missed   "Jim Stowell has that uncanny ability to open up his soul and spill it across the stage, into the seats, and out the back door of any theater in town. Watching Stowell perform is like listening to your closest friend tell you the best story you have ever heard in your life." Tall Shadows is part one of a trilogy. Part two is a play about Sigrid Olson. Part three is a one-man play about my years in the National Park Service, living, hiking, and canoeing in wild places. People who know me understand that for years I have been talking about the need for plays telling stories about “the environment.” I believe there is an audience out there waiting, dying, to hear stories about their heroes: Ernest Oberholtzer, Sigrid Olson, John Muir, and the list goes’ on and on. History and the present day are dense with wonderful, exciting, heartrending, and inspiring stories about that huge subject, “the environment.”    And my writing partner in Church Basement Ladies, Jessica Zuehlke and I are very excited to be currently writing a new musical entitled, A Wagonload of Shoes, a story about children from Worthington, MN, helping children in Germany after WWII.