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© Jim Stowell 2018
Actor, Writer, Storyteller
Directors I Have Worked With Bain Boehlke, The Jungle Theater. Ron Peluso, The History Theater Richard Cook, The Park Square Theater. Suzanna DePalma, Zorongo Flamincio. Jack Reuler, Mixed Blood Theater. Erica Christ, Cheap Theater. Loyce Holton, then AD, Minnesota Dance Theater Company. Patty Lynch, then AD, Brass Tacks Theatre. William Partlan, then AD, The Cricket Theatre. Pam Nice, then AD, Paul Bunyan Playhouse and Lagniappe Theater Michael Kissen, then AD, Paul Bunyan Playhouse. Molly Smith, then AD, Perseverance Theater, Alaska. John Donahue, then AD at CTC Emily Buchwald, then Publisher, Milkweed Editions John Hanson, New Front Film