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Actor, Writer, Storyteller
Currently Running   About four years ago my wife, Jessica Zuehlke, and I wrote the script for a musical comedy called Church Basement Ladies. Drew Jansen wrote the amazing score of songs and music. The show was produced by Troupe America and ran for over two and a half years at The Plymouth Playhouse and a couple of tours (I’m losing count. Isn’t that great!), entertaining over 290,000 audience members. The play closed March 2nd, 2008. Jessica and I want to say thank you to all the people who came to see the show and loved it. It was a great pleasure for both of us to sit in the back of the house and listen to people laugh at our play. What a wonderful sound. Many times we stood and watched the audience file out after the show and we were always so moved to hear the people in the audience saying, “I know those women! There are women just like that in my church"