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Actor, Writer, Storyteller
Reviews "Jim Stowell is more than a storyteller in "Cuba Si," his recollection and reconciliation of things past. He is a weaver of exquisite skill who draws distinct and disparate threads together into a tapestry vibrant with the colors of politics, history and personal regret... Stowell has long been an adept, risky and courageous spinner of tales, but what's most impressive in Cuba Si is his skill as a writer. This play is finely structured, each division leading easily to the next, and all serving a grander purpose that makes this tapestry an artistic and brilliant piece of work." Star Tribune, "That Jim Stowell survived to write Tribes, the gripping one-man account of his experiences on the Rio Breu, is a miracle itself, one that Stowell has translated even more miraculously to the stage...Stowell can create entire worlds on stage, helped in part by Steven Krahnke's evocative set, but mostly because of his own vivid vision and tireless energy. Tribes is an exhilarating journey to a land where time should stand still, but won't. Visit before it's too late." Tad Simons, City Pages,